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This is not how you want your corporate traffic to look



When you pay your employees, I bet you don’t like the thought of paying them to socialize with friends on Facebook. How about paying for the devices and bandwidth they use to socialize? That doesn’t sound like something I’d want either.

The good news is you don’t have to. Content filtering at different levels is a very achievable goal. A proxy can be used to block social media traffic at the network level, and web filtering can be used to block it at the application level. Together you can almost eliminate any unwanted internet use.

Of course it doesn’t have to end at social media. web filtering can keep your employees from infecting computers, shopping online on company time, or even keep them from causing HR issues with other workers.

Over the years we have had a few customers who grow to the point where they hire an on-site I.T. person. At that point I usually get the “We won’t need you anymore” speech, and I say “Congratulations! You have my number if you need any help.”

Sure enough we usually do get a phone call at some point when either the person they hired can’t do something or fix something, they let that person go, or they are just looking for advice on one thing or another. Sometimes They like to hire someone with less experience or skills at a lower rate, and just bring usĀ in for the problems and projects they can’t handle.

Our managed services can also be very useful even if you already have an I.T. staff. When you can get managed antivirus, managed backup, or any of our other services for the same price as a non managed solution, it can only help your I.T. staff with upkeep and maintenance, that otherwise might take up a big chunk of the day.

As many business owners know, your employees don’t always have the mindset and/or viewpoint needed to be as efficient as you’d like. Having a 3rd party look at your I.T. processes, and make suggestions can save time and money.

If you don’t have someone with enough knowledge and oversight to manage your I.T. staff, and you are just trusting them to do the best job possible you are probably leaving money on the table. That is when an I.T. Consultant can come in handy.