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Why you should worry about your employees phones


These days we all have smart phones. They help us navigate our day, and get our work done. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could live without my phone any more.

What happens when that phone is lost or stolen? You have your company email on there, maybe important documents, some times even company secrets, or customers information. That stuff cannot end up the in the wrong hands. That is the problem behind today’s bring your own device world. Companies cannot be sure that you are only working on secure devices that meet their standards, and that they have enough control over. Or can they?

With managed mobile services, they can. You make it part of your companies policy that all mobile devices used for work must have a managed mobile app installed. This lets you locate, wipe, or control your lost or stolen device and keep the information out of the wrong hands.

For companies that offer their employees mobile devices like smart phones or tablets you can do even more.  If you give your employee a phone for work use, you can see what they are doing on the device. You can see which apps they install, who and what they are texting, who they are calling, and where they are taking the device.