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I recently had a customer who went to Israel to visit family. While he was there, his google calendar, contacts, and Gmail stopped syncing with his Samsung Galaxy Note 5. He assumed it would get better when he got back to the States, but it didn’t. He spent hours on the phone with Verizon wireless tech support, then with Google support, then in the Verizon wireless store. None of them could offer him a solution. I attempted removing the account and adding it again, clearing the data and cache for Gmail, contacts, calendar, and google play services. None of that changed anything.

Eventually I asked him when it began, and he told me the day it started happening. I looked through his emails from that day on the Gmail website, and found a couple emails from his airline in Israel with attachments that had some text in Hebrew. I deleted those emails, and the sync completed successfully.

If you have trouble with google sync, check your emails for anything with special characters or other languages.

One of my customers recently switched from having their hosting company manage their servers to having me manage them. On one hand the Hosting company will have a deep knowledge of their eco system, but on the other hand they have somewhat of a conflict of interest. They work for the company that sells you the hosting service. Sometimes you need to upgrade your hosting plan, and sometimes they are just up selling you because that’s their job.

If you have a problem with a server using a lot of bandwidth, is it really in their best interest to figure out why? or is it best for them if you use more bandwidth? If they charge for bandwidth usage, they have a conflict. You might not even know it’s a problem, and if they don’t say anything, then they make more money. You may have some problem eating up resources on your server, slowing it down. Upgrading to a bigger server may fix the symptoms, and again they make more money, but it doesn’t fix the underlying problem.

If you hire an outside company who isn’t selling you those services, they don’t want you to pay this hosting company more money, their job is to make you happy, by lowering your hosting bill, and making it work the right way.