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Don’t let an internet outage stop your business

Don’t let an internet outage stop your business


For many of our customers, and internet outage brings their business to a halt. We hear: “I can’t send any emails!” “My VOIP phones don’t work!” “I can’t access __________, so I can’t do my job!”. If your business relies on the internet for anything from the first quote or contact from a customer to sending the bill when finished, you are not alone in being dependent on your internet connection. Just like everything else in life, you don’t know how much you need it until it’s gone.

Recently when a local internet provider went down we got a ton of calls from customers who were out of business without the internet. Some even sent their employees home for the day. Others however were not affected at all, or were affected much less. How? are they less dependent on the internet to run their business? No. They simply planned ahead with a little help from us.

We can set up one or more redundant internet connections with different carriers that can both spread the load across carriers, and if one goes down it can fail over to only use the connection that works. This means that at most, you are probably only going to be slowed down by one connection failing, and not blocked from getting your work done all together. If you think about the costs associated with having all your employees sit there and twiddle their thumbs while waiting for the internet to come back up, you might realize the value in having this in place.

Don’t be caught in this situation next time the internet goes down at work, plan ahead, we can help!

Written by ethan


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