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Help! My employee lost their laptop!

Help! My employee lost their laptop!

This is one phrase I hate hearing, because when I get this call, it all comes down to preparation. Any action that has to be taken to secure the data on said laptop has to be thought of and implemented before you think you need it.

Any sensitive data on a businesses laptop NEEDS to be encrypted. If you have customers information in any kind of book keeping program, or contact list on a laptop, and that laptop gets stolen you have to assume that information has been compromised. If you have any kind of financial data on customers (credit card information for monthly billing, bank account numbers from checks, social security numbers, etc.) They must be notified, and you could be held responsible.
The easiest way to do this is using BitLocker drive encryption which is built into certain editions of Microsoft Windows. With BitLocker you can set a password that anyone who wants to use the computer has to put in before the computer will start. If the drive is taken out of that computer and put in another one, the data will be useless without the correct recovery key.


You can also use many 3rd party applications to do the same thing, which will be a whole other post.

Tracking and recovery:
There are many 3rd party applications which can be helpful in tracking and recovering your laptop after it has been stolen if you have the foresight to install it beforehand. PC magazine has made a very nice article about a few of them here,2817,2387748,00.asp These can be helpful if you lost your laptop, or if the police get involved when a laptop is stolen, but you have to buy and install them before you’ve lost the laptop.

So what do you do if you haven’t installed anything on your computer to track it? If you use gmail, and a person who has stolen your laptop tries to read your email, you can find out what IP address they are accessing it from by clicking on details in the bottom right of your gmail inbox. If you have drop box installed on the computer, you can find the IP address in the settings > security menu under the computer that you are trying to find.

The best way to secure your laptops, as with all computers, is to be proactive. If you would like me to consult with you on which software to use, and get a plan in place to r=protect you and your business give me a call at (585)360-2572

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