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A hacker concept image of a hand coming through the computer.

Any business using the internet needs the best in security devices to protect their networks against all forms of malicious intrusions.  We have expertise and extensive experience in installing and using these devices that protect our customers from harm.

Among the devices we install:

Firewalls:  your first line of defense against hackers.  They only allow approved information to flow through the network.

VPN (Virtual Private Network):  allows you to connect to your network securely from anywhere.  This makes it possible to securely work from home or a satellite office.  You can connect to servers, printers and other devices as if you were on-site.

Proxy:  allows you to direct all users’ internet usage through one single point, giving you the ability to track usage, block threats, filter websites and to throttle bandwidth usage.

IDS (Intrusion Detection System):  scans all internet traffic for Trojans, worms, viruses and other malware; detects internet attacks used by hackers, as well as misuse of the network by users.