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Time to replace windows server 2003!

Windows server 2003 has been good to us. It has served up our files, websites, terminal sessions, etc for many years now. That is all coming to an end for most businesses. Windows server 2003 is reaching end of support on July 14th 2015 ( That means no more security updates patching security flaws. This could leave you business at risk and open to hackers.

Having antivirus, firewalls, and other security software can help minimize some risks, but when it comes to security flaws in the operating system you really need to have them patched. If your company has any stored information about your customers you have the obligation to keep that information private, and a breach can be blamed on you. It is not worth the risk to keep these old servers around.

If you still have a windows server 2003 based server in your business, you should make a plan to replace it before July 14th. If you switch to a new server with windows server 2012, it will be supported until January 2023 (

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