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What’s A Website Get Me?

What’s A Website Get Me?

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I get people all the time who ask me why their website isn’t at the top of Google’s search results. Of course this is a really complicated question, which is not easy to answer. Usually the question that follows is well what do I pay you for every month? To which the answer is simple: Hosting. Buying a website gets you the website itself, and the content management system it’s based on which allows you to easily edit the site on your own. Hosting fee’s pay for the server on which your website is held, the software that runs it, the maintenance that keeps it secure, and the bandwidth that is used to allow your customers to visit the site.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a service that companies offer to try to get your website a higher ranking with search engines. This involves knowing and understanding an ever changing algorithm that search engines use to choose which order to display results in. Every time the search engines change their algorithm companies that offer SEO race to change the way they optimize sites. Because of this for most markets SEO is a constant task, not a one time job.
You can do some SEO yourself, such as making sure you use key words on your pages as often as you can without being tacky, using any SEO related tools built into your website such as URL rewriting, keyword tagging, etc, and keeping your content on your page fresh and up to date. Keeping your site fresh is big because search engines assume that new content is more relevant than older content.

SEM (Search engine marketing) is when you pay search engines to be at the top. these are the results that are separated from all the rest at the top, and some times have paid result or something right above or below it.

Social media marketing is using twitter, facebook, linkedin, ect. to drive traffic to your site or business. There are companies that offer services ranging from consulting on setting up your accounts, to helping you make posts.

The simple answer to what’s a website give me is a presence on the internet. From there, there are many tools to market your business, but first you have to have a presence. I like to compare it to renting space. you can rent a store front, but you need to get people to go to that store front with marketing and advertising.

If you have any questions, or are interested in a website or a service to market your website feel free to give me a call!

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